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United International Business Company Ltd. and creativity are two sides of the same coin, as it expresses this through its software services in the form of web design, mobile application development, graphic design, hosting, and finally electronic marketing with more than 5 years of experience in the Arab Gulf states, Egypt and the Levant in general.

The United Global Business Company Ltd. is based on a team of talented people who do not stop providing innovative solutions in the world of software and breakthrough technologies, as well as taking continuous development and professional ethics as a permanent slogan for them to achieve an unparalleled footprint at the global and local levels.

The United Global Business Company seeks to advance the digital Arab world by using the best programming strategies and projecting them to solve corporate problems of all kinds.

Maintaining the professional ethics that always drive us toward research, inquiry and creativity in order to achieve the greater goal.

The largest footprint in the digital world Maintaining contact with our customers and providing support.
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Web hosting and server management

Creative solutions in their true form we offer you in the field of hosting and managing servers, protection, and domain reservation, in addition to archiving and copying solutions, using the latest means to achieve the maximum benefit possible.
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Smart phone application development

Our greatest creativity is focused on programming applications for smart phones, whether they are iOS or Android, programmatically setting up the application, designing the logo, and designing it by choosing the most appropriate colors, to shine in the mobile application of your project, a service that we provide with a very rich professionalism that will multiply the returns on investment and enhance your brand.
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Marketing and digital marketing

And in continuation of the creative package that we offer to you in the United Global Business Company, we open the doors of e-marketing service for you that dominates the modern era, to help you make your activity more extensive and more profitable.
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Infographic design

At Al Alamiah Company, we guarantee you to reflect the consistency and professionalism of your organization, let the design attractiveness speak for your business. We enhance your place among competitors by shaping your business.
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Technical Support

Depending on the company’s global technical support team and search requests 24 hours a day, with your ability to apply on our website, your blog or your forum.
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Website development and design

We start from the principle of “dreaming first,” so we offer you the future in a new way, for a new bright technical life, so that you can discover the possibilities, we offer you websites with a distinctive design and programmatic character, to be an easy, modern, attractive interface to your project, and to deal with it with ease.

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RAFEEQ helps both drivers and passengers traveling to the same destination at the same day to coordinate with each other, share the trip and its expenses. You can easily find your co-traveler by using RAFEEQ App. Enjoy traveling with RAFEEQ!

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PLOVER is an online platform for bartering and exchanging property and services, but in a very innovative way; The application serves as a social platform for the exchange of opinions and ideas, in order to facilitate the process of reaching people with common interests.

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Chat Once is the easiest way to communicate with people you need to chat once with without having to save their numbers in your contacts. Just type the phone number or copy in the main application window and instantly, start chatting with them.

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Tuku is a delivery company specialized in providing all delivery services for various materials, products and goods, while ensuring their delivery in the shortest time and the highest quality. Our primary mission at Tuku is to get your packages delivered quickly and safely.

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شعار شركة مضياف


Medyaf app is the first Saudi Arabian application that offers an idea A leader in providing housing or for the purpose of residence in the Middle East and the Gulf, It provides service providers with the opportunity to attract the largest possible number of users For their housing units.

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